Metaverse Takeover: Why Today’s IT Companies Will Die Out
November 16, 2021

Facebook’s transition to Meta has had tongues wagging for the better part of the last two weeks and possibly for the ...

The Best Freelance Platforms
November 16, 2021

With freelancing becoming more popular as more companies and professionals switch to remote work, the number of freelan...

Trends in remote work
November 16, 2021

For most businesses switching to remote work was a forced adaptation due to the pandemic. However, as vaccines continue...

Glovo Offer Pledges of ‘Fairer’ Conditions for Gig Workers
November 2, 2021

With the EU eyeing to make gig work ‘better’ for freelancers, various platforms are taking up the same mantle to pr...

Evergrande Makes Last-Minute Payment But Still on Life Support
November 2, 2021

Evergrande problems have been top of the headlines for more than a month. China’s second-largest property has been st...

Australia to Force Google to Offer Alternative Search Engine on Smartphones
November 2, 2021

Governments around the world continue to rein in the power of big tech. In Australia, a regulator announced plans to ma...

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