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Finland and Sweden submit applications for NATO membership
May 24, 2022

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Wednesday called for a “smooth and fast ratification of our membership” after her co...

How do you feel about Sweden joining NATO? Swedish residents react
May 24, 2022

What if Sweden joined NATO? | Swedish residents reaction. Stockholm residents express views on NATO membership as ...

Understanding the War in Ukraine (8) – NATO (Russia/Finland/Sweden)
May 24, 2022

STG Director Prof Alexander Stubb sheds light on the war in Ukraine in a series of video lectures. Each lecture focuses on a ......

Unrest in Sweden over planned Quran burnings – BBC News
May 23, 2022

Clashes have taken place for a fourth day in several Swedish cities, sparked by the apparent burning of a Quran by a far-right, ...

Kaspersky stopped more than 30,000 attempts to use the Log4Shell exploit in January
January 28, 2022

The critical remote code execution vulnerability in Apache's Log4j utility continues to be a popular tactic for cyberc...

Russia says no to crypto mining, joining a growing list of countries
January 25, 2022

China, Iraq, Egypt and others have already put a stop to it, but don't assume those bans are the reason for Bitcoin an...

REvil gang member arrests strike fear among cybercriminals on the Dark Web
January 24, 2022

Dark Web forum posts uncovered by Trustwave show that the recent arrests in Russia have triggered major concerns among...

Microsoft RDP vulnerability makes it a breeze for attackers to become men-in-the-middle
January 20, 2022

The Microsoft RDP vulnerability is a serious problem, but with a few caveats: It's been patched, and experts say it ma...

VIRA joins the call on WhatsApp to combat vaccine disinformation
January 26, 2022

Johns Hopkins engineers built the chatbot to respond to common questions about COVID-19 shots. ...

Dice: Tech salaries increased in 2021
January 25, 2022

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the need for tech companies to retain old employees and hire new ones has for...

Personal identifying information for 1.5 billion users was stolen in 2021, but from where?
January 24, 2022

Threat intelligence company Black Kite found that the majority of attacks were against healthcare providers, involved ...

Make your coding job so much easier by learning Git and GitHub
January 14, 2022

Why subject yourself to the stress and frustration that stem from coding accidents and mistakes when Git and GitHub ca...

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What chip shortage? Semiconductor revenue reached new heights in 2021, says Gart...
January 20, 2022

Despite demand continuing to outpace supply, or perhaps because of it, industry revenue grew by 25% in 2021 to top $500 billion for the fi...

How to add a bit of spin to a circle in a PowerPoint slide
January 20, 2022

Spinning most objects in Microsoft PowerPoint is easy, but circles need a bit of extra work to see the movement. Learn how to add objects ...

5 virtual care clinic tools helping medical practitioners deliver better care
January 19, 2022

As more clinical health care challenges surface due to COVID-19, some tools are helping medical practitioners deliver better care to patie...

DHL takes top spot as most imitated brand in phishing attacks
January 18, 2022

For the final quarter of 2021, DHL surpassed Microsoft as the brand most spoofed in phishing campaigns, says Check Point Research. ...

Acquire highly paid certified Cisco skills on your own time with this training
January 18, 2022

There's nothing like have great certifications for built-in job security, and now you can learn the skills you need to gain highly coveted...

Russia arrests REvil ransomware gang members at request of US officials
January 14, 2022

Russia's Federal Security Service said that 14 people were arrested and millions in currency has been seized. ...