Make your coding job so much easier by learning Git and GitHub
January 14, 2022
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Why subject yourself to the stress and frustration that stem from coding accidents and mistakes when Git and GitHub can fix them so quickly and easily? Learn to use them in this affordable course.

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Git is so commonplace in coding that it’s rarely even mentioned in tech job listings, employers just assume you know both Git and GitHub. But what if you’ve finally taken the plunge and gone from zero tech experience to Python programmer with an affordable home training course? Or just never got around to mastering Git for whatever reason? Then The Complete Git and GitHub for Beginners Bootcamp Bundle can make your coding job so much easier, and it’s now available for just $24.99.

Start with learning the most often used commands in “Git Essentials: The Step-by-Step Guide to Git & GitHub Mastery.” This course teaches you all the commands you’ll use daily, as well as a few more you’ll use maybe a couple of times a week. It doesn’t waste time on the ones you’ll never use. Students really found this class helpful; they rated it 4.6 out of five stars.

They gave the same rating to Instructor Kalob Taulien, who has been developing websites since 1999. He’s taught web development to tens of thousands of students and is considered an exceptional teacher by most.

Next, learn version control in “Git & GitHub Version Control and Collaboration.” For one thing, you’ll want to always have a clean history of your work. But also, accidents and mistakes can happen when collaborating with others. Git is a version control system that lets you go right back to where things were working, and the GitHub website is where you save critical information, store your projects and collaborate on open- and closed-source projects with others.

Then you can get lots of hands-on practice with both in “Git & GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp.” It provides a step-by-step guide, cheat sheet and more.

Don’t pass up this chance to make your coding job so much easier; get The Complete Git and GitHub for Beginners Bootcamp Bundle now while it’s on sale for only $24.99 (normally $600).

Prices subject to change.

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