Microsoft Teams Speed Dial feature aims to bring “one tap dialing” to mobile devices
May 25, 2021
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The “one tap dialing” feature could make connecting with regular contacts even snappier. But when will the product hit mobile devices?


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Over the last 12 months, companies have transitioned to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the switch, telecommuters have leveraged a vast suite of virtual collaboration tools and video conferencing platforms a la Microsoft Teams and Zoom in lieu of in-person meetings. A planned Microsoft Teams feature for iOS could make it easier for mobile users to connect with their video call contacts.

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Microsoft Teams Speed Dial: Release data

On Monday, a Teams Speed Dial for iOS feature was added to Microsoft’s 365 roadmap, according to the company, with a brief description of the upcoming capability.

“Speed Dial is coming to mobile devices. This feature makes your most-used calling contacts easy to access with one tap dialing,” the webpage said.

The mobile speed dial capability is listed as “in development” on the Microsoft 365 roadmap page. The company uses this status to denote a roadmap feature “currently in development and testing, and is not available to customers.” The roadmap page uses a number of status phrasings to provide updates about development. This includes “rolling out” which means a “feature is beginning to roll out to the first applicable customers and is not yet available to all applicable customers.” When a capability is listed as “launched,” this means “the feature is available to all applicable customers.”

While the feature currently includes a June 2021 release date, a footnote explains that the “Microsoft 365 roadmap provides estimated release dates and descriptions for commercial features” adding that “all information is subject to change.” (The feature page does not mention a comparable speed dial capability for Android.)

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Desktop: Microsoft Teams Speed Dial

A Microsoft support page offers an overview of Teams features for desktop app users, including a speed dial capability. Interestingly, posts in the Microsoft community make note of speed dial contacts “disappearing” as well as troubleshooting approaches.

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