FluidStance The Level: Balance Board for Standing Desks
November 15, 2020
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As a balance board for standing desks, the Level by FluidStance is a truly unique product. With certifications that include the Mayo Clinic’s NEAT certification, an eco-friendly design, and high-quality materials, this is a product worth considering as a tool to do better in today’s sedentary work and life environments. Here’s my review.

First of all — I have to say that every person in the office fights over having their “quality” time on this board. It is fun. Every client that comes in the office wants a go on the Balance Board, too. The board helps you gain superior balance and it has to be working your brain as you balance and work on the computer. Seriously, this is a unique and interesting product.

Features and Functionality

Made from die-cast aluminum, natural wood (maple), and bamboo, the Level can hold a person that weighs less than 250 pounds, providing a way to move more throughout the day even when at a standing desk. It is intended to be used daily so it’s been engineered to ensure that ankles are not strained during the process of staying balanced on the board.

The deck comes in different sizes. For example, the medium-sized deck seems to fit taller individuals well. If you are on the shorter side under 5’10, then you may want to consider using FluidStance’s The Plane.

There is a learning curve when it comes to mastering The Level and computer at the same time — albeit a short one. After a few times of jumping on the board, you start to get the feel of it. It pivots 360 degrees so you have freedom of motion. The board performed best on carpeted flooring versus hard surfaces like concrete or tile where you can feel every bump in the floor.

Replaceable Deck

A standout feature is a replaceable deck. You can remove it by unscrewing the four screws at its base. Plus, it was built to last to keep and use for decades to come. We’ve had some pretty big guys on the board and it’s in constant use — it still looks new.


FluidStance has an entire line of accessories that includes items like mats, holsters, racks, thin board-shaped flooring mats to protect both the base and your floors from scratching, and a cleaner. This helps you customize and maintain your balance board.

Color Choices

Color choices include a natural finish (light), walnut finish (dark), and bamboo (medium).

Pros and Cons

I like the 360-degree motion and how natural it feels when using it. Unlike other balance boards, this one is truly beautiful and highlights exceptional craftsmanship and the use of environmentally-friendly materials.

However, others might find cons with the board’s ease of use as they may want a more challenging balance feature. The polished board can be slippery if you try standing on it in socks rather than wearing shoes. And, this balance board is quite a bit more than others.

Pricing and Purchase

Pricing varies between $289 and $389. The Level balance board is available through FluidStance’s website as well as through Amazon.  They offer free shipping and a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects.

Final Thoughts

Due to the cost, the FluidStance The Level balance board is a nice-to-have product if you have the budget for it.  It provides many benefits to keep you moving while at a standing desk — including complete freedom of movement and a design that keeps your calves and ankles safe.

Among the available balance boards, this is a work of art that goes the distance due to quality materials. You can also feel good, knowing that you have invested in an environmentally-friendly product.

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Brad Anderson

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