Microsoft’s new password manager works across Edge, Chrome, and mobile devices
December 16, 2020
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Microsoft is building a new password manager that syncs credentials across its Edge browser, Google Chrome, and mobile iOS or Android devices. A preview version of the password manager is now built into Microsoft Authenticator, a free mobile app that’s used for multi-factor authentication. Like many other password managers, it can autofill passwords in apps or websites on iOS or Android.

Passwords are synced from the Microsoft Edge browser, and can be shared across multiple devices using a Microsoft Account. You can also sync these passwords to Google Chrome, using a new Microsoft Autofill extension. This will sync any passwords stored on your Microsoft Account.

Rumors had suggested Microsoft would create a full password manager for its Microsoft 365 consumer service, but this appears to be the next best thing. The autofill feature will be useful for Microsoft Account users working across multiple devices, but a full password manager like 1Password or LastPass is still a good option.

This new autofill feature is available as a preview in Microsoft Authenticator today, and you’ll need to enable it as the default autofill provider in the iOS or Android settings of your device. Autofill only works with consumer Microsoft Accounts and is disabled for enterprise users who are using the app for phone sign in or multi-factor authentication. Businesses need to join an allow list to enable this for enterprise Microsoft Authenticator users.

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