Kongregate takes over three aging mobile games from Disney
November 19, 2020
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Kongregate announced today that it is taking over operations of three Disney mobiles games: Maleficent Free Fall, Inside Out: Thought Bubbles, and Where’s My Water? 2.

According to Kongregate, the three free-to-play games have combined for over 224 million downloads. Kongregate will continue to develop new content, including in-game events, to keep each title relevant.

Each game will be fully integrated into Kongregate’s infrastructure by “early 2021.”  The studio is promising a seamless switch for players.

Taking over existing games is not an unusual practice for Kongregate. Last year, it acquired the top-down battle royale game Surviv.io and the dungeon crawler RPG Bit Heroes.

All three of these Disney titles are aging. Maleficent Free Fall, a match-3 puzzle game, debuted in 2014. Inside Out: Thought Bubbles, a bubble-based game in the Puzzle Bobble style, came out in 2015. The physics-based puzzler Where’s My Water? 2 debuted in 2013.

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