This LG display transforms from flat to curved for immersive gaming
January 4, 2021
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LG Display’s latest prototype is a 48-inch flexible OLED panel that can be bent for gaming or flattened for watching TV. The company has shown off similar bendable TV prototypes before, like when it demonstrated a 65-inch TV meant for use inside planes that could bend into a curve for passengers to watch movies. This model, which is being shown off at this year’s virtual CES, features LG Display’s Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, which vibrates the screen to produce audio.

The 48-inch TV could potentially offer the immersive benefits of a curved screen while gaming without forcing you to live with a curved screen’s many downsides when you just want to watch TV. You can briefly see the panel in action at the 19 second mark in LG Display’s video below.

In terms of specs, LG Display is emphasizing the gaming capabilities of its prototype, which can bend with a radius of up to 1,000mm. It’s got a high refresh rate of 120Hz, a variable refresh rate range that goes from 40Hz to 120Hz, and a response time of 0.1 milliseconds. It’s also able to vibrate its screen to produce sound — a technique that LG Display has previously shown off for its flat panels — though we imagine most gamers would probably prefer to use headphones or separate speakers.

This new prototype is LG Display’s latest experiment with flexible OLEDs, which have previously included a rollable TV that packs up into a compact box when not in use.

LG Display is also showing off transparent OLED panels, which it thinks could be used in restaurants.
Image: LG Display

LG Display is also showing off a range of use cases for its transparent OLED displays at this year’s virtual CES show. These include a “Smart Bed” with a transparent OLED TV that rises out of its frame, a transparent restaurant display that allows diners to see chefs at work behind it, and train carriage windows that can also display customer information. On the consumer side, LG has also debuted a range of TVs featuring Mini LED display technology.

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