Spacebase Startopia becomes Series X/S’s first Xbox Game Preview title
January 5, 2021
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Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Realmforge Studios announced today that Spacebase Startopia is now available in an early access state via Xbox Game Preview for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

This makes Spacebase Startopia the first Series X/S game available on Microsoft’s early access program. The full title is set to release this spring, and it will also be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

Spacebase Startopia is a space station management game. It features base building, management, and even a bit of real-time strategy influences. Spacebase Startopia will feature both solo and multiplayer modes.

Realmforge Studios is based in Munich, Germany. The developer is best known for the Dungeons strategy games.

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