Google Clock Bug Blamed for Missed Alarms
September 6, 2021
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by Youpal News Syndication

If you have not been able to wake up on time, your Google Clock bug is to be blamed. It has been reported that a bug on Google Clock app has been causing issues on the app and making it behave weirdly. Several users have reported on Reddit that their alarms are not showing any notifications on the app and causing users to miss pre-set alarms. The issue was reported mostly by Pixel, Oppo and OnePlus users.

As per the Android Authority report, many users gave one-star ratings to the Google Clock on App Store. One of the users also wrote about the issues he is facing with Google Clock app on Reddit.

He wrote, “My wife and I both have Pixel 3s. Starting Tuesday we noticed our morning alarms and my evening one weren’t showing as upcoming or going off at all. After the alarm was set to go off it would simply show as “missed”. Nothing happened at all. With both phones, we cleared storage/cache which deleted the alarms. Reset the phones and the bedtime settings and wake up settings. Set test alarms and hers worked, but mine continued to do the same thing. My evening alarm and morning alarm both do not go off and do not show as upcoming.”

Another user claimed that he lost her teaching job because he missed his morning class schedule. Users tried to install and uninstall the app, restarted the phone but nothing helped in rectifying the issues the app was facing.

It is being reported that it could be due to the underlying bug that was a part of the Google Clock v6.4 update that was rolled out in March 2021.

Acknowledging the issue, Google said in a statement, “We’ve shared this with our product and engineering teams and will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.”

It is worth noting that the Google Clock app is the default clock on Pixel devices, this is the primary reason why most Pixel users are facing the issue primarily. So till Google issues a fix, users who have no other option can download apps including the Simple Alarm Clock Free, Alarm Clock Extreme, Alarm: Morning Alarm Clock and Smart Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers.

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