“The End of an Era: Twitter’s Legacy Blue Check Mark System is Officially Over”
April 27, 2023
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by Stephen Kanyi

Twitter has reportedly put an end to its legacy blue checkmarks, which were one of the last remnants of the pre-Elon Musk era. These blue checks were provided to journalists, celebrities, and other public figures for free in order to reduce impersonations and spam, and were originally set to end on April 1st.

However, Musk later announced on Twitter that the end date would be pushed to April 20th, also known as “4/20,” a day associated with the celebration of marijuana.

High-profile figures like Beyonce, Ronaldo and even Pope Francis have lost their legacy checkmarks.

Some users have reported seeing a “flickering” blue checkmark on their profiles, while others have had their blue checkmarks removed completely.

With the removal of these legacy checks, Twitter now offers verification marks only for paid users, businesses, government entities, and officials. If a user clicks on a blue check mark, the label now reads, “This account is verified because they are subscribed to Twitter Blue and verified their phone number.”

Under Twitter’s new verification scheme, gold, grey and blue badges are meant to provide more context to how an account was verified.

Some social media experts and monitors are concerned that the increased use of paid verification on Twitter could contribute to the spread of misinformation on the platform. This could potentially scare off more advertisers, which would undermine any extra revenue generated by Twitter’s verification subscription model. However, Elon Musk, Twitter’s owner, believes that discomfort is a necessary part of the change process. He stated in an interview with BBC News that he believes the overall trend is positive and that Twitter is headed towards a good place.

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