China Returns to Lockdown Amid Fresh Covid Surge
October 26, 2021
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by Arabella Seebaluck

Two main regions in China are going into another lockdown after a recent upsurge in Covid cases in the country. This recent outbreak is connected to a group of tourists, a report says.

As a result, several hundred flights were cancelled and schools were closed. Over half of all flights operating from the main airports in Xi’an and Lanzhou were grounded.

The authorities also decided to step up mass testing.

China had, so far, kept its borders hermetically closed and had ‘targeted lockdowns’ on the mainland.

“Domestic outbreaks have largely been eliminated, but as China logged a fifth straight day of new cases – mostly in the northern and north-western areas – the authorities beefed up coronavirus controls,” the article says.

Incidentally, the tourists which seem to be associated with this fresh outbreak started from Shanghai and headed towards Inner Mongolia. There have been numerous cases that have been traced back to their itinerary, as they crossed five different regions including Beijing. Therefore, part of these areas, in particular in the north of China, are the ones going into fresh lockdowns.

Authorities in the concerned areas have begun testing their inhabitants, in particular in the tourism hotspots where the group might have been. Some of them have also locked down residential buildings and complexes as a measure of containing the outbreak.

In other parts of the country, residents are being encouraged not to travel and to present negative Covid tests if they have to do so. Some cities and provinces are simply banning travel altogether. The lockdown now is comparatively small to the massive one previously imposed in Wuhan, the city which is allegedly the source of the contamination.

The reports don’t confirm how many new cases there actually are in China at present. Most of the information available points to a few dozens here and there. However, many enterprises are restricting their operations, signalling that the situation could be a little more serious than presumed. The other explanation is that the country is being overly careful, as it has had to be after the Coronavirus became a pandemic.

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