Jack Dorsey Steps Down as CEO of Twitter
December 3, 2021

Earlier this week Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that he is stepping down as chief of the social media company, effe...

EU Agrees Data Re-Use Rules
December 3, 2021

It’s been almost a year since the European Union’s executive proposed legislation aimed at encouraging widespread s...

Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome
December 3, 2021

For most people around the world Google is synonymous to the internet. One way or another most people find themselves u...

Notion, the new Editor Taking on Word and Google Docs
November 30, 2021

When I first heard about Notion, my first reaction was to dismiss it as just a cheap knockoff of the main editors we ha...

Labour Shortage in IT
November 29, 2021

Much has been said about the current global labour shortage experienced especially in the US, UK and the Eurozone. Asid...

Companies Besides Facebook investing in the Metaverse
November 29, 2021

I’m sure you are sick of hearing about the metaverse by now. Since Facebook’s rebrand as Meta, now focused on the m...

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