Rajka Stjepanovic, Youpal Group Chief Finance Officer
September 20, 2021

Rajka Stjepanovic is an expert in finance from Serbia, who has been with Youpal Group for the past two years. She share...

Big Tech Move to Chip Development
September 13, 2021

Some of the world’s biggest tech companies are shifting to homemade chips. Analysts put forward many reasons why. But...

The Endless Digital Workday
September 8, 2021

After nearly a year and a half of decentralized collaboration, companies all over the world are redefining their vision ...

GitLab’s Head of Remote: Darren Murph
August 17, 2021

The office of the 20th century is a testament to design. A great deal of thought goes into the layout of a building. How...

CEO of Opteev on Launch of COVID-19 Detector
August 9, 2021

FULL INTERVIEW: CEO of Opteev discusses launch of COVID-19 detector The product, called ViraWarn, uses biosensing techno...

Apostolis Argatzopoulos
July 12, 2021

Apostolis Argatzopoulos is the Data Team Lead at Youdata, part of Youpal Group. He talks to Uteckie’s Stephen Kanyi t...

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