Remote Recruitment: How to Do It Right
March 15, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

The global pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink how they operate. With recurring lockdowns, many businesses have been forced to shift a lot of their operations from the office to their homes. Managing that change has presented a number of challenges for many organisations. One of the biggest of which has been recruitment.

Most managers during the lockdown thought it wise to completely stop recruiting, at least until the world achieves a certain level of normalcy. However, COVID has lasted longer than many predicted and so we have to come up with a viable long-term solution to recruitment and work in general.

Working remotely is not a novel idea. In fact, up to 3.4% (4.7 million) of US workers are thought to be freelancers. This is definitely going to increase in the coming months as economies try to re-open in the “new normal”. Many businesses including world-leading companies, such as Amazon and Google, are turning to these workers to remain operational. The challenge, therefore, for organisations looking to hire, is how to do it well and get the best talent.

With economies struggling to survive, there is little room for error when it comes to hiring new talent. Here are a few tips to abide by when searching for specialists.

Write Captivating Ads
A talent search usually begins by posting an ad. To attract the best workers these ads have to be captivating and precise. Remember that the ad is probably the first time the potential candidate will engage with you. Hence it is crucial that the job advertisement present your organisation as a great place to work. This means that you will have to work on creating a fitting online brand for your company.

The ad also has to clearly outline the roles and responsibilities that will be required of the successful candidate. A good idea would be to add a video to the job description. Adding videos to job postings has been found to attract 12% more views and 34% greater applications.

Good Shortlisting Process
Most employers post their ads on large online marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr. While these platforms may be huge, they can present a nightmare when shortlisting potential candidates. A good ad will attract quite a number of applications and sorting through all of them will take a lot of time and energy. You will need an efficient and well-defined process to help you.

It is important to identify the absolutely crucial qualifications that are to be considered first. These can be like education, experience, skills. Then there are those “nice-to-have” qualifications that are not quite essential but can be helpful for the company. All of these qualifications will enable you navigate the large marketplace and narrow it down to a reasonable number that you can then interview.

Virtual Interviews
Social distancing due to the pandemic has made virtual interviews a must. To do this successfully however requires a bit of skill that will need practice. You need to know what it is exactly you are looking for and how to recognize it in people. A great way to start is by employing technology. Video conferencing apps like Zoom, GoogleMeet and Youjoin are an absolute must-have for both parties. There are also dedicated video interviewing applications such as HireVue and Yourecruit which are top-notch.

Use Recruitment Software
As pointed out above, there are dedicated applications that can aid you in every step when recruiting. Job aggregators like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter can help you connect with potential candidates while Applicant Tracking Systems like Greenhouse and Level will make shortlisting and engagement much easier.

Our very own Yougig and Yourecruit shoulder much of the burden of recruitment for the client. Once the client creates a task or a project, Yougig will identify the best candidates, build a team, negotiate rates and so much more. We work with you through every iteration of the project to ensure successful delivery.

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