Strange Covid-19 prevention rules across the world
March 29, 2021
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by Arabella Seebaluck

With the world still dealing with the pandemic, Governments across the world have been trying their best to maintain a sort of order. With a virus that spreads rapidly, severely affects some, and hardly bothers others, rules, and regulations around keeping the general population safe have been changing. We have given you news and updates about the Covid-19 vaccination, Covid-19 new variants, and other related topics, we started wondering what some of the more bizarre rules are to have come out of the pandemic. Here’s a list of different rules enforced by different countries and how the populations reacted.

The Govt here decided to separate men and women and allow either gender out at a certain time. Men and women could leave their homes for two hours at a time, on different days. Nobody could leave their residence on Sundays. This was a controversial rule because it led to harassment and discrimination against transgender people.

In some Colombian towns, people were allowed outside based on the last number of their national ID number. Different days are assigned to different numbers. For example, ID numbers ending with 0,4 or 7 would leave the house on Monday, and those whose ID numbers ended with 1, 5 or 8

The Malaysian Government had to apologise after the countrys Women’s Ministry posted cartoons telling women how to dress and behave to make their husbands happy. The cartoons also asked women to not ‘nag’ their husbands, essentially using stereotypes about women and presenting them as facts.

In Greece, media advice about doing Yoga to ease stress led to a mini-controversy. The country’s Orthodox Church released a statement saying, ‘Yoga has no place in the life of Christians’. Some Greek media had talked about yoga as a great way to combat stress.

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