Why You Should Consider Using Recruitment Software
April 19, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

COVID has put a strain on all sectors of the global economy. Both businesses and individuals have had to alter their modus operandi so as to make ends meet in the ‘new normal’. With most countries being put under lockdown, businesses had to adjust by embracing a work-from-home program,e for most employees.

Today “more than half of the global workforce is now working remotely “, said Indranil Roy, an Executive Director at Deloitte in an interview with BBC. Moreover, Future Forum research also found that only 12% of knowledge workers want to return to full time office work. Most people, it seems, want a hybrid remote-office model.

As workers continue to choose remote employment, businesses have to alter their recruitment model to get the best talent. The traditional way of putting out an ad and then interviewing potential candidates is not going to cut it even it is all done online.

For knowledge workers like developers for instance, a simple zoom meeting is not going to tell much about the actual skills the employer is looking for. It will also be next to impossible to judge the prospective candidate’s soft skills like communication and teamwork.

In the post COVID-era, businesses if they are to operate online, will have to drastically change their recruitment model to not only get the best workers but to also manage and most importantly retain their essential employees in an increasingly competitive global market.

A good way to rise to this challenge is the continuous adoption of technology in recruitment and human resource management. The internet is awash with software out to address challenges ranging from applicant tracking systems, job aggregators, testing and assessment to even video interviewing. The past year especially experienced an exponential growth of such solutions as investors saw it worth to put in more than $100 million in the 3rd quarter of 2020 alone to back such ventures.

The faith put on such solutions seems to be justified as businesses from start-ups to well established enterprises continue to adopt them in their operations. Such software help in:

  • Automating Tasks – Instead of manually scheduling interviews, communication, assessment and all the steps that go into recruitment, software such as Yello and Beamery help in automating such tasks. They relieve you of the burden of manual boring tasks like scheduling interviews so that you can focus on the prospective candidate.
  • Evaluating Candidates – Recruitment systems like HireVue and VidCruiter use Industrial-Organizational Psychology for assessments.
  • Finding and attracting candidatesFinding talent online has always been challenging. While popular platforms like Upwork act merely as an intermediary to link clients and specialists, others such as Yougig go the extra mile of team building, negotiating payment rates and even project delivery so that the client is completely relieved of the burden of recruitment.

Recruitment platforms, such as Youpal Group’s own Yougig, can put your company always ahead of the competition and ensure that you snatch and keep the best talent. It is however important to ensure that the ultimate decision as to whether to hire or not rests with the employer. S/he will also be responsible for ensuring employee satisfaction.


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