Youtube, Twitch, and TikTok want people to tip their favorite influencers and streamers
February 26, 2021

Over the summer, Cherry Horne became hooked on watching Twitch streams of seasoned dancers playing Just Dance. She...

What is an “algorithm”? It depends whom you ask
February 26, 2021

Similarly, New York City is considering Int 1894, a law that would introduce mandatory audits of “automated employm...

This Is What It’s Like to Live Without Smell
February 26, 2021

Because of Covid-19, thousands of people around the world have lost their sense of smell, some of them for months. B...

Nvidia starts boosting frame rates by up to 10 percent on 30-series GPUs
February 26, 2021

Nvidia has started to roll out support for Resizable BAR, a feature of PCI Express that can boost frame rates in c...

An AI is training counselors to deal with teens in crisis
February 26, 2021

The chatbot uses GPT-2 for its baseline conversational abilities. That model is trained on 45 million pages from the ...

‘Lapsis’ and the Rise of Gig-Economy Sci-Fi
February 26, 2021

Ray Tincelli, a good-humored, pot-bellied, middle-aged guy with a “'70s mobster” vibe and money troubles, is look...

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