CD Projekt Red hacked, releases ransom note
February 9, 2021

CD Projekt Red released a statement on Twitter today noting that the company has been the victim of a cyb...

New York city mayoral candidate Andrew Yang cuts ties with fundraiser Shervin Pishevar
February 9, 2021

Andrew Yang’s mayoral campaign is cutting ties with one of its fundraisers, Shervin Pishevar, an investor who st...

Digital Owl emerges from stealth with AI that analyzes and summarizes medical records
February 9, 2021

Digital Owl, a provider of AI-powered medical claim analysis software, today emerged from stealth with $6.5 mi...

Proposed Sec. 230 rewrite could have wide-ranging consequences
February 9, 2021

A trio of Democratic Senators has taken this administration's first...

A Hacker Tried to Poison a Florida City’s Water Supply, Officials Say
February 9, 2021

Around 8 am on Friday morning, an employee of a water treatment plant in the 15,000-person city of Oldsmar, Florida, ...

Hyundai is getting serious about building a ‘walking car’ with four legs
February 8, 2021

Who needs an Apple car when you’ve got one with four legs? Hyundai, which recently acquired a controlling stake ...

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