Anti-vax content and vaccine misinformation is now banned on Facebook
February 8, 2021

Almost a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, Facebook is taking its strictes...

Electronic Arts acquires Glu Mobile for $2.4 billion
February 8, 2021

Electronic Arts is getting into the Kim Kardashian business. At least, that is the case if its deal to ac...

7 Ways in Which Blockchain Can Enhance App Development
February 8, 2021

Just like every other emerging technology, there is a lot of hype surrounding blockchain technology but does all tha...

TikTok secures music from Universal’s ‘full catalog’ of artists
February 8, 2021

Today, TikTok and Universal Music Group (UMG) have announced the formation of what they’re calling an “expande...

Ron Wright dies of Covid-19, the first sitting Congress member to die from the coronavirus
February 8, 2021

Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX) has become the first sitting member of Congress to die from Covid-19. His death, almost on...

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