‘2034,’ Part I: Peril in the South China Sea
January 30, 2021

The third update was most puzzling of all. The controls of the F-35, the one whose flight had brought Chowdhury into ...

3 Best Cheap Phone Plans (2021): Alternatives to the Big Carriers
January 30, 2021

Visible just got an update to 5G, if Verizon supports it in your area. Sadly, 5G coverage is still scarce outside cer...

They Claimed the Covid Vaccine Made Them Sick—and Went Viral
January 30, 2021

The Facebook videos were short but unsettling. One, posted on the profile of Indiana resident Shawn Skelton, shows he...

An Analogy of Types of Mobile Apps and Which is Best Suited for Your Business
January 30, 2021

Apps or applications have become a part of our daily lives over the past decade. Applications are programs or softwa...

Heaven’s Vault: A Linguist’s Buried Treasure
January 30, 2021

Uncover the marvels of the Ancient language and explore the Nebula and the secrets contained within this indie game. ...

Go read this profile of the trader whose huge bet on GameStop moved the entire market
January 30, 2021

The markets are not okay. If you’ve paid any attention to internet chatter this week, you’ve probably seen the...

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