Valentine’s Day cards in the time of Covid
February 12, 2021

For Valentine’s Day this year, Hallmark is selling a card fronted with toilet paper rolls arranged in the shape ...

If You Can Learn Twitch-Speak, You Can Learn a Language
February 12, 2021

The word: 凉爽 ‘liangshuang’ The feeling: abysmalI’d been going through my Anki deck (the algorithmic flashca...

Chrome for iOS will soon keep incognito tabs even more secret with Face ID
February 12, 2021

Google is testing a new privacy feature to its Chrome browser for iOS that can lock incognito tabs behind Face ID....

NASA is bargaining with a US space startup for a Soyuz seat
February 12, 2021

NASA is planning to buy an astronaut seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft through Texas-based aerospace firm Axiom S...

Taking your game cross-platform can increase revenue by 20 to 40% (VB Live)
February 12, 2021

Presented by Xsolla To successfully launch your own game in an increasingly crowded market you need to develop...

What happens when you replace a human gene with its Neanderthal version?
February 12, 2021

Enlarge / The difference between modern human (left) and Neanderthal skulls mea...

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