Online Learning: The Way Forward
February 15, 2021

Technology has become a vital part of classroom learning. Projectors, smart education tools, even small changes lik...

Future of Remote Work Post Covid-19
February 15, 2021

Remote working has always been looked down upon. Especially in corporate structures, as remote working is often syn...

Data Blunders? How to Avoid Them!
February 15, 2021

Data is now at the core of any modern business. Even Artificial Intelligence is powered by Big Data, highlighting the i...

From Trade Shows to Virtual Events: Digital Marketing Is Here to Stay
February 15, 2021

Covid19 has brought an onset of changes in our lives as we knew them at the turn of the 21st century. If we were aw...

Telemedicine in The Times of COVID19
February 15, 2021

The current COVID19 pandemic is the third time in recorded human history that a coronavirus-associated acute respir...

What’s Up with WhatsApp
February 15, 2021

Following the recent updated privacy policy, WhatsApp has faced a lot of backlash both online and on mainstream med...

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