Business Focus
Gig-Economy Giant Uber Battles to Survive
June 21, 2021

From the start of 2021, gig-economy giant Uber has been involved in legal battles coupled with an industry that has bee...

Spotify Acquires Podcasts Delivery Specialists Podz
June 21, 2021

Podcasts are really fun and informative but finding new ones that actually fit your tastes is quite a hustle. This is w...

Increasing Significance of Data Analytics in Football
June 14, 2021

In December 2012, Arsenal bought sports data analytics firm StatDnA. This was the culmination of what had been an incre...

Apple Announces New Hybrid Model, Upsets Employees
June 14, 2021

Work from home has been the one stable, uniform thing in the pandemic, across the world. And now, that’s changing. Ap...

EdTech Under The Scanner
June 7, 2021

Multiple edtech IPO plans fall apartThe Chinese government has come out with strict measures against the rapidly growin...

Amazon Announces New Service, Sidewalk
June 7, 2021

Amazon introduces bandwidth sharing serviceData protection has got many people worried, for the right reasons. There ar...

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