Health Focus
NHS Delays Plans to Centralise Patient Data
June 14, 2021

UK’s NHS has delayed its plans to share patient data after objections from multiple levels. The scheme known as the G...

AI to Help Detect Autism in Children Faster
June 7, 2021

Advancement in autism detection with AI An AI-based app that says it can diagnose autism in children at an early age...

Drone Vaccine Delivery to Begin in India
June 7, 2021

India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation has permitted the country’s southern state of Telangana to carry out an experime...

Musk Asperger’s Syndrome Admission Can Destigmatize Workplace Autism
June 7, 2021

Tech mogul Elon Musk recently revealed that he had Asperger’s syndrome. This took a lot of people (even his fans) by ...

MedTech: EU’s MDR Comes Into Effect
May 31, 2021

The European Union’s new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) has come into effect creating waves in the medtech community...

Med-tech: AI Products Face More EU Regulations
May 24, 2021

Med-tech regulation is a developing field in EUThe European Union is planning on introducing more regulations on artifi...

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