Twitter Enables Selected Bitcoin Payments
September 27, 2021

Twitter announced users can now tip their selected content creators with bitcoin. The announcement was made by Esth...

A Simple Guide to the Evergrande Debt Crisis
September 27, 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you’ve probably heard of Evergrande and the mountain of de...

Lithuania Advises Citizens Not to Buy Chinese Phones
September 27, 2021

Lithuania has recently issued a strong advisory against buying Chinese mobile phones. They even went as far as recommen...

Netflix to Offer Free Mobile Streaming in Kenya
September 27, 2021

Last Monday, streaming giant Netflix announced that it would start offering free mobile streaming in Kenya. Users will ...

Moderna CEO Predicts End Of COVID-19 Pandemic Within A Year
September 27, 2021

Many lower-income nations are still waiting on their first vaccine doses, even as some countries like the U.S. prepare f...

Most Vaccine Skeptics Change Their Minds, Study Finds
September 27, 2021

Most vaccine hesitant people changed their minds about getting a Covid-19 shot over time, according to new research publ...

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