A Reckoning for Cookies’ Non-compliance in Europe
June 7, 2021

Cookies and web privacy have been one of the main topics in the public tech consciousness. Governments and tech compani...

Designer Creates ‘Third Eye’ for ‘Smartphone Zombies’
June 7, 2021

FOR INJURY-FREE BROWSING South Korean industrial designer Paeng Min-wook and his robotic eye —REUTERS SEOUL — A Sou...

EdTech Under The Scanner
June 7, 2021

Multiple edtech IPO plans fall apartThe Chinese government has come out with strict measures against the rapidly growin...

Twitter Has An Exciting Week in 3 Countries
June 7, 2021

Twitter announced a new service in two countries, got shut down in third NigeriaNigeria’s government has indefinit...

Amazon Announces New Service, Sidewalk
June 7, 2021

Amazon introduces bandwidth sharing serviceData protection has got many people worried, for the right reasons. There ar...

Local Investors Defying China’s Ban on Crypto
June 7, 2021

Chinese investors have been reportedly defying China's ban on cryptocurrencies. Despite the ban, which was effected in ...

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