Med-tech: AI Products Face More EU Regulations
May 24, 2021

Med-tech regulation is a developing field in EUThe European Union is planning on introducing more regulations on artifi...

Remote Companies Creating a New Class Structure
May 24, 2021

Remote companies have become more popular during the pandemic Work from home has become the new normal. While many h...

Data Analytics in Negotiating Sports Contract
May 24, 2021

It is not often that a technical topic like data analytics is found in the sports section. However, even football, the ...

MedTech: Google Your Skin Issues away with AI
May 24, 2021

MedTech, skincare and Google? Google can now do more than answer your questions about skincare online. It can tell y...

iCloud data Compromised at Apple, China
May 24, 2021

Apple’s stores its iCloud data on Chinese servers run by state employees. Last week The New York Times released a ...

Microsoft rolls out Dolby Vision gaming test on Xbox Series X and S – The Verge
May 24, 2021

Dolby Vision gaming is arriving on the Xbox Series X and S for testers who are a part of the Xbox Insider’s “alpha r...

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