Dubai Launches Metaverse Strategy
July 18, 2022

A new strategy that seeks to increase the presence of blockchain and metaverse companies in Dubai by five times was unv...

India’s RBI Seeks Ban on Cryptocurrencies
July 18, 2022

India’s finance minister told parliament on Monday that the nation’s reserve bank of India wants to ban cryptocurre...

UK Watchdog launches probe into Microsoft’s $69 billion Activision takeover
July 6, 2022

The U.K.’s competition watchdog on Wednesday opened an investigation into Microsoft’s acquisition of video gam...

Meta suing Chinese company’s US subsidiary for scraping Instagram and Facebook data
July 6, 2022

Facebook’s parent company Meta has announced that it’s suing the U.S. subsidiary of a Chinese tech company, accusin...

How Remote Work Will Change How We Plan our cities
July 6, 2022

The remote work debate is all but settled across the corporate world. It works. Each day more companies are going...

Amazon Announces First Fully Autonomous Robot
June 24, 2022

Amazon has announced its “first fully autonomous mobile robot,” meant to move large carts throughout its warehouses...

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