What Do We Know About Vitamin D And Covid-19?
March 29, 2021

Sometime last year, when the pandemic had begun and people were still looking for solutions and ways to build up immuni...

Oracle Updates Autonomous Data Warehouse Solution with New Data Tools
March 29, 2021

Database major Oracle has brought a new set of capabilities to its cloud-based Autonomous Data Warehouse service with a...

IBM Boosts DevOps Capabilities with Updated Analytics Tools
March 29, 2021

Technology major IBM has released a series of new and updated capabilities to help developers deliver intelligent a...

Google Cuts Play Store Developer Commission by Half
March 29, 2021

Internet giant Google has slashed the commission it charges from developers on Play Store by half following widespr...

Facebook Announces Strict Measures Against Content Violations In Groups
March 29, 2021

Facebook is taking some drastic measures to limit the spread of harmful content and restrict the reach of problemat...

Ads in Stories & Short Videos Among New Monetisation Options
March 22, 2021

Social media giant Facebook has announced additional revenue creation streams for content creators as it explores v...

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