EdTech Startup Line Up New AI-Backed Tech Solutions
October 26, 2021

The covid-19 pandemic outbreak has landed us in the digital innovation times. While the majority of the education system...

Squid Game App Found with Joker Malware
October 26, 2021

HIGHLIGHTS Squid Game is all the rage these days, with the Korean show having quickly become Netflix's biggest launch to...

Enter the Metaverse: What’s Behind Facebook Rebrand
October 26, 2021

The planned rebrand of Facebook has been top of public talk for the better part of the last week. Since reports came ou...

AI helps Dubai Police in Drug Trafficking Raid
October 18, 2021

When tackling crime, common police practice is to interview witnesses and suspects. For the Dubai police, however, ther...

GitLab Goes Big in IPO
October 18, 2021

For the last week, Gitlab has been the star of the startup world. Having filed to go public early last week the private...

Tracking The Bitcoin Experiment in El Salvador
October 18, 2021

Early September this year El Salvador became the first nation to make Bitcoin legal tender. I use the word first here i...

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