Musk’s Influence Over Crypto May Be Waning
July 27, 2021

Elon Musk tweets and the market moves. This has been the story of the crypto world for at least the last few months. Kn...

Google Antitrust, Yet Another Case for Alphabet
July 12, 2021

A wave of antitrust has been sweeping the tech world and Google is its latest victim. Last week a coalition of attorney...

Big Tech Antitrust
July 5, 2021

America’s tech industry has been the target of antitrust cases from the government and the wider public for some time...

Should you buy a new Windows laptop now, or wait for Windows 11? – CNET
June 28, 2021

It's one of the biggest technology buying hangups: Is my new purchase going to be immediately obsolete? Or at least outd...

The Re-Emergence of Hardware Technology
June 21, 2021

The last three decades has been dominated by developments in software technology. With technologies such as cloud compu...

Data Analytics Powering More Effective Matching Dating Apps
June 14, 2021

Dating apps are using data analytics to get better at matching people for dates. I’ve been binge watching on this ...

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