Why You Should Stop Using Google Chrome
December 3, 2021

For most people around the world Google is synonymous to the internet. One way or another most people find themselves u...

Labour Shortage in IT
November 29, 2021

Much has been said about the current global labour shortage experienced especially in the US, UK and the Eurozone. Asid...

ProPublica: How Facebook Undermines Privacy Protections for Its 2 Billion WhatsApp Users
September 20, 2021

by Peter Elkind, Jack Gillum and Craig Silverman This story was originally published by ProPublica. ProPublica is...

South Korea Takes Aim at Google and Apple Over App Store Charges
August 30, 2021

South Korea lawmakers are planning to bar tech giants Apple and Google from requiring developers to use the payment sys...

Robots Take Over Pizza Delivery
May 31, 2021

With Dominos, the largest pizza restaurant in the world, planning to launch their own autonomous pizza delivery service...

Covid-19 patients in India find support online
May 17, 2021

Some Covid-19 patients in India have been struggling to get medical resourcesIndia’s e-commerce company Snapdeal has ...

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