Nintendo’s latest Switch Online SNES games are some seriously deep cuts
February 10, 2021

Nintendo has announced the next SNES and NES games coming to its Switch Online service. Depending on your perspect...

Nextmv raises $8 million to optimize decision-making within applications
February 10, 2021

Nextmv, a provider of optimization and modeling tools that enable developers to automate decision-making withi...

Disney redundancy: Fox CGI-animation studio behind Ice Age, Rio to shut down
February 10, 2021

Enlarge / By the end of April, the dedicated Blue Sky Studios team behind the a...

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey imagines an app store for social media algorithms
February 10, 2021

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey imagines a future where you get to choose what you see on social media by picking out your...

Democrats begin impeachment trial with video of capitol riots
February 10, 2021

House managers opened former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial Tuesday with a disturbing video: ...

Former Riot employee sues CEO for sexual harassment
February 9, 2021

In a case filed in January, former Riot Games employee Sharon O’Donnell alleges that chief executive officer...

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