How 1-800-Flowers.com became a Valentine’s Day gift mainstay
February 4, 2021

This Valentine’s Day, gift givers will spend $2.3 billion on flowers. With delivery more popular than ever in th...

Next Matter brings no-code process automation to the U.S.
February 4, 2021

Next Matter, a no-code business process automation platform based out of Germany, has announced plans to enter...

How to Make a Fitbit for an Elephant
February 4, 2021

Understanding energy expenditure can help scientists understand how well animals are doing and whether they are going...

I love my weird Belkin wireless charging tree thing
February 4, 2021

A $139.95 wireless charger that looks like a cross between a bonsai tree and the decor from 2001: A Space Odyssey ...

Granulate raises $30 million for AI that optimizes server workloads
February 4, 2021

Granulate, a startup developing a platform that optimizes computing infrastructure, today announced it has rai...

Community Health Network prescribes AI to combat COVID-19
February 4, 2021

AI is about to play a much larger role in identifying individuals who are at risk for contracting COVID-19 in ...

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