The Companies Building a Remote Work Future
March 9, 2022
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by Stephen Kanyi

Remote is the future of work. This is no longer a prediction but a growing trend, one that is changing the landscape of the corporate world, perhaps permanently. With the COVID experiment done and proven, more executives are coming to the realization (perhaps a little late) that the remote model is the future of work and they will have to prepare themselves and their corporations to adapt to this new reality.

A remote ecosystem that works for both professionals and employers is however a little difficult to create. Remote work presents unique challenges that require novel solutions to tackle them.

A lot of companies from the largest in tech to startups have attempted to build solutions to these challenges. Like any market, however, there are those that are leading the line in creating truly innovative solutions and are thus leading the line in pioneering a remote-first future.

Here are a few of these innovative companies helping to chart the future of work.


Abstract centralizes the process of design including all the decisions made, the feedback received, sketch files and specs for your team. Since launching in July 2017, over 5,000 design teams across 75 countries have adopted Abstract, including teams from Cisco, Intuit, Spotify, Salesforce, Instacart, OpenTable, and more.


Collaborating remotely is a challenge even for the most hardworking and connected colleagues. Co Screen wants to change that. They have a number of tools for highly agile teams who want to collaborate more naturally and tear down the boundaries between their computers.


While working remotely is more flexible and has more independence it is certainly harder to keep your productivity high throughout the week. There are just too many distractions and little accountability.

This is why Doist have created tools to help remote workers maintain their productivity and keep track of their work. They are the creators of both Todoist and Twist.

Todoist, their top-ranked app productivity app, helps millions of people organize their lives while Twist is a communication app for those who want a “calmer, more organized, more productive workplace.”


Figma is the first professional-grade online tool created specifically for interface design. The tool is based entirely on the browser and enables teams to collaborate in real-time. It offers the speed and stability of powerful design programs like Adobe with the versatility and collaborative flexibility of online apps like Google Docs. With Figma, the design process is shareable across teams, no matter where the members are located.


GitStart is similar to a Mechanical Turk for little coding assignments. It adds on-request limits into designing runs and spotlights on undertakings possible, inside a run. The stage coordinates profoundly into the designing system of organizations and is as of now functional at ~500 dev hours/day with plans to scale to thousands inside two or three months.


Focusmate is a virtual collaborating stage that wipes out lingering and enacts a useful stream state, on request. Whether you’re constructing a business, hustling as an afterthought, or planning for a major test, you realize that working at home can be hard. Focusmate kills hesitation by giving you a live, peer responsibility accomplice any time. There’s no babble and no coordinated effort. Simply book a period, appear, share your first undertaking and get to work.


I’ve talked about Notion before and this is by no accident. Its popularity has made the platform a world-beater as a workspace for notes, tasks, wikis and databases. Any remote worker will appreciate Notion’s adaptability for virtually any task. This is why some call it “the missing half of Slack.”


No introduction is needed here as Slack is fast becoming a household name for remote workers. As a messaging platform, it brings teams together and facilitates communication and collaboration creating a single unified archive accessible through search. With over 3 million daily active users today Slack is one of the fastest-growing B2B applications out there.


I leave the best for last as there is simply so much to say about Youpal. The company’s commitment to remote working is unrivalled by no other as all of its creations are geared to making remote work as smooth as possible.

From Yousuite, Youcloud, Yougig and Youmedico, all of Youpal is dedicated to the remote model as they see it as the future of work.

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