Youcloud: The New IT Model for Business Success
March 29, 2021
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by Stephen Kanyi

As more businesses are embracing Big Data, the limitations of traditional infrastructure are becoming more apparent. To keep up with evolving trends in technology and to leverage them for business success requires a new IT model. Enter cloud computing.

Cloud computing saves businesses from the burden of installation and maintenance of their own IT infrastructure; they can rely on cloud platforms to offer these services for them. As a result, there has been an almost exponential growth of both public and private cloud-based platforms to meet this rising demand.

Youcloud, a private cloud platform, has developed a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs for businesses in the 21st century. Here are a couple of reasons to consider Youcloud for your business.


Cloud computing continues to grow and the risks associated grow with it. It is therefore vital that businesses institute a comprehensive security strategy to protect your data.

YouCloud utilizes a number of tools to ensure the security and privacy of our customers. We employ the latest firewall technology that features in-flow virus protection and intrusion prevention systems. Our platform also combines this with end-to-end encryption to add another layer of protection so that your data remains yours alone. With YouCloud, no one will be able to decrypt, steal or modify your files.

All our products are built with the principals of privacy first design, integrating business value with security best practices. For hosting, we deliberately choose data centres with the best privacy regulations preferably in Germany or countries with equivalent privacy regulations.
 The main strength of private Youcloud is that we take care of your data in your private cloud so you can focus on your services and products.


While more companies are moving to the cloud there has been a large shift towards microservices and cloud native infrastructure. This has created too much dependency on Devops for every simple task leading to bottlenecks and a frustrated development team. While IaC frameworks such as terraform may solve some of these issues, new bottlenecks do eventually appear again and this leads to a decrease in CD/CI pipeline efficiency.

YouCloud's SaaS platform empowers teams to maximize their productivity through self-service cloud environment management. With our platform, developers are able to deploy applications fast, globally and at scale. 

Use YouCloud to effectively leverage IaC to keep you in control, no matter the size of the team, while also keeping your costs low.

Cloud Analytics

As more companies seek to apply Big Data to improve their operations and overall decision making, there is a growing demand for data analytics. While acquisition of data can be simple as recording a few numbers on a spreadsheet to the use of complex technologies such as IoT, analysis of data requires much more sophisticated applications so that you can effectively sort through the numbers to get actionable insights.

With YouCloud you have access to an industry standard cloud analytics platform with a variety of tools at your disposal to analyze complex analytics. At the click fo a button clients have access to sophisticated tools like SQL querying and Cypher without neccesarily posessing specialised IT skills. Our platform also features AI and machine learning to automate more complicated processes like data retrieval.

 We aim to uncover patterns between data points for you that other products simply cannot.


At YouCloud we aim to fulfill your every need with a plethora of applications ready for use. With YouMeet and Youchat you have secure end-to-end encrypted applications that will facilitate communication among your employees no matter their location on the globe.

YouSuite simplifies the workflow within your organization. One can plan and schedule every task while also facilitating collaboration among team members all to ensure the timely completion of a project.

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