Best Tech Gifts for Coworkers
October 20, 2020
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Check out these holiday gifts even the pickiest coworker will enjoy.

COVID-19 has caused many employees to work remotely and some offices to close permanently. Working from home shouldn’t stop you from showing your coworkers how much you appreciate them this holiday season. Sending gifts is the perfect way to reconnect with officemates, and with so many gift options available online you are sure to find the perfect gift for even your fussiest coworker. Here are some of our favorite tech gifts for coworkers to help you get started. 

For the coworker who struggles with time management


Datexx Miracle TimeCube Timer

Image: Amazon

When your coworkers fall down the rabbit hole of social media–thanks to Twitter and Instagram, among others–the Datexx Miracle TimeCube Timer can remind them to come up for air. Simply flip the cube to the time of your choice (either for one, five, 10, or 15 minutes), and the TimeCube will start timing. When time’s up, an alarm will ring. The TimeCube also works great for those coworkers looking to become Pomodoro Technique experts or just need a little nudge to focus on a task.

$31 at Amazon

For coworkers who fidget


Super Magnetic Putty

Image: Uncommon Goods

Office fidgeters will love playing with Super Magnetic Putty. Part stress reliever and part science experiment, Super Magnetic Putty is made with micron-sized iron-based particles, which gives the putty magnetic properties. Use it to pick up staples, tacks, and paper clips, or impress your colleagues over Zoom by placing the putty near a magnet and watching it “come alive” as it stretches out toward the magnet. 

$14 at Uncommon Goods

For coworkers who are always cold


Unisex heated gloves

Image: Amazon

These unisex heated gloves are perfect for cold hands. The knit wool gloves are equipped with removable internal heating pads that warm up once you plug in the attached USB cord into a USB port, power bank, or charger. The half-finger design of the gloves also lets users type or operate a mouse with ease. 

$13 at Amazon

For coworkers who are germaphobes


Clean Copper Home’s No-touch tool hands-free antimicrobial keychain

Image: Amazon

Door handles, keyboards, desk drawers—the list of things you need to touch is endless. With the risk of COVID-19, practicing good hygiene has become a must-do. The Clean Copper Home’s No-touch tool hands-free antimicrobial keychain keeps hands clean by reducing exposure to germs and viruses on common surfaces like elevator buttons, keypads, and doors. The hands-free antimicrobial keychain is self-sanitizing and made of 99.9% copper. 

$10 at Amazon

For coworkers who need a good laugh


Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

Image: Urban Outfitters

Turn that frown upside with a Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy. This miniature version of this popular car dealership and strip mall attraction can now call your desk home. Just plug it in, and the wavy tube guy fills with air and launches into its famous floppy dance, sure to brighten anyone’s day.  

$13 at Urban Outfitters

For coworkers with dry skin


USB Cool Mist Humidifier

Image: Amazon

Dry air can cause moisture to evaporate from the skin and cause respiratory issues, enhancing allergies and colds. It’s easy to add moisture in the air with the USB Cool Mist Humidifier. Just fill this super-cute humidifier with water and plug it into a USB outlet. The miniature cactus humidifier will perk up your desk and your air. 

$14 at Amazon

For moody coworkers


Mood Blocks Set

Image: Things Remembered

There’s nothing worse than unknowingly approaching a coworker who is in a bad mood. With the Mood Blocks Set, you don’t have to. Coworkers can easily explain their day without saying anything. Three separate blocks sit along a base that have various emotions a coworker can select on a day-by-day basis. For an additional fee, you can engrave the base with a name, job title, or funny message.

$35 at Things Remembered

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