Dell’s new monitors have a dedicated Microsoft Teams button
January 5, 2021
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Dell is launching three new monitors next month, and all of them come with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. Dell claims it has created the “world’s first video conferencing monitors certified for Microsoft Teams,” after Microsoft started certifying displays, webcams, and headsets last year. Three monitors will be available next month, all offering quick access to Microsoft Teams.

The button will let Microsoft Teams users quickly launch the app to make and receive video calls. Hands-free commands will also be supported through Cortana and the built-in microphone.

Dell’s new Microsoft Teams monitors.
Image: Dell

This is the first time we’ve seen a Microsoft Teams button on a monitor, but headset manufacturers have been quick to add buttons that support Microsoft’s communications app. New and existing headphones got deeper integration with Teams last year, just as usage of the app was soaring at the start of the pandemic.

The Teams button is the main surprise with these displays, but Dell’s trio of videoconferencing monitors also have some useful specs designed for an era where remote work and video calling is key. Each includes a 5-megapixel pop-up infrared camera, which supports facial recognition with Windows Hello. Dell also bundles a noise-canceling microphone and dual 5-watt integrated speakers. There’s even a built-in mode to reduce blue light emissions.

Dell is launching a 24-inch (FHD) version for $519.99, a 27-inch (QHD) model for $719.99, and a curved 34-inch (WQHD) variant for $1,149.99. All three will launch on February 16th.

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