Epic Games Store reached 160 million customers in 2020
January 28, 2021
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Epic Games released the 2020 stats for its digital PC store, revealing that it reached 160 million customers in 2020.

Epic Games Store launched in 2018 as a way for the company to build on the success of Fortnite. Steam is still the undisputed king of PC gaming stories. It has over 120 million active monthly users.

But Epic Games Store is managing to do good business thanks to hits like Fortnite and a library of PC games that you can only find on its platform, including the recent Hitman 3. It also gives sellers a better cut of purchases than Steam (Epic takes just a 12% cut of store revenues, whereas Valve takes 30%), and it offers free games. Just this month, 19 million people picked up a free copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II from the store.

During the year, Epic Games Store users spent a total of $700 million. Of that, $265 million went to third-party titles. That gives you an idea on just how much money Fortnite itself pulls in.

The platform had an average 31.3 million daily active players in 2020. That is up 192% from last year. The entire industry has seen a bump due to an increased in gaming from sheltering-in-place players.

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