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October 31, 2020
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The Vox Book Club is linking to to support local and independent book sellers.

Here’s how the Vox Book Club works: Every month, we pick a book. Throughout the month, we publish discussion posts containing thoughts and questions from Vox book critic Constance Grady, but we also have comments turned on and moderated so you can share your thoughts, too. Talk among yourselves! Post your opinions and questions! Or use our discussion posts as a jumping-off point for (socially distanced) discussions with your own friends and family. And at the end of the month, we gather on Zoom for a virtual live discussion.

Our pick for November is Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise. Trust Exercise, which won the National Book Award in 2019, is one of Constance’s favorite books of that year. “It starts off as a love story between two kids at a high-achieving performing arts high school,” Constance writes. “Then it spins off from there with a vicious act two twist that I won’t spoil for you, because the moment you realize exactly what you’re reading is such a kick that I wouldn’t dare do anything to jeopardize it.”

To close out the month, Constance will host a live discussion of Trust Exercise on Monday, November 30, with the author herself, Susan Choi. Come join us! Sign up here to be notified about new book selections, discussions, and related live events.

Here’s the full Vox Book Club schedule for November 2020

Friday, November 20: Discussion post on Trust Exercise

Monday, November 30: Virtual live event with author Susan Choi. Subscribe to the newsletter, and we’ll send you an RSVP link as soon as it’s available.

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