Just Cause will explode onto mobile
December 11, 2020
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Square Enix revealed Just Cause: Mobile during The Game Awards today. It will come out for Android and iOS in 2021.

The publisher has adapted its franchises for mobile before with games like Lara Croft Go and Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. This free-to-play mobile take on Just Cause promises solo and multiplayer experiences. While the console and PC games are third-person affairs, the mobile take on the franchise will feature a top-down perspective.

The first Just Cause came out in 2006. The last entry in the series, Just Cause 4, released in 2018. The franchise has attracted fans for its over-the-top action, explosions, and fun grappling mechanics.

Just Cause: Mobile will include a story campaign, four-player co-op missions, and a competitive multiplayer mode that has three teams of 10 players fighting against each other.

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