MeshForce M1 Whole Home Mesh WiFi: Enhanced Connectivity
November 22, 2020
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With more remote workers than ever before, having a reliable connection for participating in video conferences and conducting other project work has become critical.

However, our castles may not have been built with connectivity in mind. The result is that many of our homes have dead spots that cut certain rooms off from WiFi. And, most often, those spots are located right where we want to have our home office.

While boosters have been one approach, the appearance of mesh WiFi systems have proven to be a good solution for these WiFi dead zones. One company that offers a comprehensive solution is MeshForce and the MeshForce M1 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System. Here’s my review.

About Mesh Technology

The simple explanation of this complex technology is that it uses multiple mesh points that communicate with each other through standalone units placed throughout a home. This type of WiFi system constantly works to ensure you have a connection no matter where you walk in the house or even within the yard area.

About the MeshForce M1 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

MeshForce M1 offers AC1200 dual band WiFi connectivity. The company notes that it supports up to 60 different devices, serving as a hub to connect everything. These devices include desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, and IP cameras.

The mesh WiFi system is made to eliminate buffering and dead zones. The system covers more than 1,500 square feet per unit (or as MeshForce calls them, points). For a three-pack system, that means 4,500 square feet of coverage. However, it allows for flexible deployment of up to six points wherever you need WiFi. You would need to purchase three additional points separately to make it six points.

To ensure a safe connection, data and WiFi access are protected with industry-level password encryption with WPA/WPA2 PSK Mixed security.

Other Features

The parental controls feature lets you determine your kids’ access to the Internet, when they have access, and what devices they can use to connect.

Another feature is the guest network. The MeshForce WiFi system provides temporary WiFi for guests and friends in their own WiFi zone. That way, you don’t have to share your password and data with visitors.

My Mesh App

The system also uses an app that works on iOS and Android devices. From the app, you can set up the mesh WiFi system as well as manage and monitor it from anywhere. This also saves you trying to sort through your router’s admin page just to get WiFi working.

Pros and Cons

The mesh WiFi system delivers the coverage I needed throughout my home and removed the dead zone areas that impacted productivity. I like the easy set-up and the app, which makes managing and making changes to the parental controls or guest network so simple.  The price is also fair for what I’m getting from it, especially with its ability to work with 60 devices.

For me, I don’t have any cons. However, some of my colleagues that have used the system did not find it as powerful as they expected and ended up going with a different mesh WiFi system that filled their dead zones. This leads me to think that the mesh WiFi systems are something that may individually suited to a person’s location and house layout.

In the Box

In this three-pack version, you get three MeshForce WiFi points, three power adapters, an ethernet cable, and a quick start guide.

Where to Buy

Priced at $149 with free shipping, you can buy the MeshForce M1 WiFi system from the company’s online store. It’s also available through Amazon

Final Thoughts

The MeshForce WiFi system worked great for my house and needs, covering our home layout and delivering good connectivity for a relatively low price. I would recommend it but also suggest trying out other systems should it seem like you still have dead zones. Overall, though, it has provided an ideal solution for bandwidth and speed for me and my family.

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