OneDrive for Android now supports Samsung Motion Photos and 8K video playback
February 3, 2021
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Microsoft is updating its OneDrive app for Android this week with a new home screen, Samsung Motion Photos support, and the ability to play 8K videos. The new home screen includes quick access to recent files, offline files, and the “On This Day” feature of OneDrive that reminds you of your old photos.

Samsung Motion Photos support is also included in this update, allowing owners of Samsung phones to play back photos captured with motion in the OneDrive app or online. These photos work like Apple’s Live Photos and capture a still image alongside several seconds of video and sound before the capture. Microsoft says Samsung Motion Photos playback is rolling out worldwide and will require Android version 6 or above.

OneDrive’s new home screen on Android.
Image: Microsoft

The final addition is 8K video playback for compatible Samsung phones like the new Galaxy S21 or last year’s S20. While you’ve always been able to store 8K videos on OneDrive, the service now supports playback on compatible screens and devices. This could tempt more to store 8K video on Microsoft’s cloud storage service, particularly when OneDrive now supports up to 250GB files.

This latest Android update for OneDrive focuses a lot on Samsung’s phones and is an example of the ongoing partnership between Microsoft Samsung. Both companies are working on a variety of ways to integrate Microsoft’s software and services into Samsung Android phones, and there’s even a partnership for cloud gaming through xCloud.

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