Razer Seiren Mini USB mic review — Tiny, affordable, and excellent
November 19, 2020
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Razer’s Seiren Mini USB microphone is an excellent entry-level option for anyone looking to improve their audio quality. This mic is available now for $50, and as the name suggests, it is a tiny version of its Seiren mics. And while it does skimp out on many features to shrink both its profile and price, it doesn’t come up short on sound.

The Seiren Mini sounds nearly as good as USB microphones that cost three- or four-times as much. Combined with its small size, that makes it ideal for anyone getting started creating audio or video content. If you are looking to upgrade from that headset mic you’re using now, this is a great first step into that world.

Here’s a playlist of my microphone tests. You can hear how the Razer Seiren Mini compares to other USB mics as well as headsets and more:

3 reasons I love the Razer Seiren Mini

I think the Seiren Mini is one of Razer’s best-sounding microphones. And its audio quality is one of the three main things that I love about it. If you’re a livestreamer on Twitch or YouTube, it will give you clear, professional-sounding vocals. It’s a condenser mic, which means that it doesn’t reject quite as much noise as a dynamic USB mic. But I’m happy with how my mechanical keyboard sounds when I’m chatting up friends on Discord using the Seiren Mini.

The other things I like about the Seiren Mini are the price and the size. At $50, it’s a reasonable investment for someone who isn’t making a lot of money from their content yet. A good rule is that you shouldn’t spend money on creating content that you’re not making from creating content. But I think $50-and-under is affordable enough that you don’t need to worry about those kinds of guidelines. This, of course, makes a great option if you just want to sound better than everyone else in your Discord without spending hundreds of dollars.

And you shouldn’t overlook the size. Audio and video equipment can take over your space quickly if you’re trying to get into the content game. A tiny mic like the Seiren Mini can prevent that from happening. And then if you need good audio on the go, the Mini is a great option for that.

Features you’ll miss — but can live without

Razer did make some sacrifices with the Mini X. It doesn’t have a headphone jack for live monitoring your mic audio. It also doesn’t have any onboard controls — no muting or adjusting gain. You just plug it in and go.

It also has a recessed USB Mini port that works well with its included cable. But if you damage that cable, I think you may have a difficult time getting something else to fit well into that nook.

Finally, the size may prove a problem because you may have to hunch over it to get close enough. You could also just sit it far away from your mouth or buy a mic arm, but that defeats the point of buying an affordable microphone with good quality.

A great choice

For most people, the Razer Seiren Mini is a great choice. If you want mic monitoring, a slightly taller stand, and mute controls, the Blue Yeti Nano is also small and relatively affordable. But I think the Seiren Mini sounds better. And you cannot beat the price.

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