SpeedTest app now measures your network’s ability to stream video
February 8, 2021
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SpeedTest’s iOS app can now benchmark your internet’s video streaming quality, Ookla announced today. While the service typically checks general connection metrics like maximum download and upload speeds and latency, the new test is focused specifically on video. It attempts to stream at a variety of resolutions, and then measures load times and buffering.

Ookla explains that it added the new test because of how much of our time spent on the internet involves streaming video. While its standard speed tests give a general idea of your overall network bandwidth, Ookla points out that internet service providers often “prioritize video traffic differently than other traffic.” This means the best way to benchmark video streaming performance is ultimately just to stream video samples, since it “cannot be simulated across a network.”

The test works by literally streaming video, a process Ookla says can’t be simulated.
Image: Ookla

The video streaming test is only available in the service’s iOS app for now, though Ookla says it’s coming to more platforms soon. During the test, the app streams a video at a variety of resolutions, before listing details like your internet connection’s maximum resolution, and video streaming load time. If you’re still unable to stream video despite your internet speeds being fast enough to support it, then Ookla says the app will link to DownDetector to check if a service is experiencing issues.

SpeedTest’s video streaming benchmark is available with the service’s latest iOS update, alongside a slightly redesigned interface.

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