The Best Theragun Percussive Therapy Devices (2020): Our Faves, Tips, and Alternatives
December 18, 2020
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In May 2020, Theragun rebranded as Therabody and launched four new percussive therapy devices—tools that use rapid bursts of pressure that stimulate blood flow to soothe sore muscles—featuring quieter motors than their predecessors. (These devices are still called Theraguns.)

We tested three from the new lineup for several weeks and spoke to a physical therapist and athletic trainer to see what exactly these devices are doing. Spoiler alert: They make us feel great but at a hefty price. We’ve outlined each of the new models below and what’s WIRED and TIRED about them. We’ve also included some more affordable options from other brands.

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Updated December 2020: We’ve tested and added a section on Theragun alternatives, like the Sharper Image Powerboost.

Jess Grey and Julian Chokkattu contributed to this guide.

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