Bowser’s Fury looks like an ambitious addition to Super Mario 3D World
January 12, 2021
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We’ve known for some time that Super Mario 3D World‘s Switch port would come with a new campaign, Bowser’s Fury. Now we have an idea of that will look like, and it’s surprising.

Super Mario 3D World is one of the last major Wii U exclusives to come to the Switch, releasing on February 12. It’ll be great to finally have this 3D Mario adventure on the Switch, but Bower’s Fury appears to be a substantial addition to the base adventure. Nintendo released a trailer today showing off the new mode, which you can see above.

In some ways, Bowser’s Fury looks like more Super Mario 3D World. The aesthetic is similar, and Mario is still able to change into his cat form. But it also looks noticeably different. 3D World’s fixed camera is gone, instead opting for a presentation that looks more like Super Mario Odyssey. Without the fixed camera, it appears four player co-op is off the table. But it also appears that the game will be less linear and more open than 3D World’s stages.

Bowser Jr., almost always a foe in Mario games, is also working with Mario in Bowser’s Fury. He’s even equipped with the magical paint brush that he used in Super Mario Sunshine.

Now I’m just wondering how big Bowser’s Fury will be. Is this a short bonus campaign or something that will feel a whole new game? Whatever it is, Bowser’s Fury looks like a nice addition to what is already a strong 3D platformer.

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