‘Indian’ variant of Covid-19 being researched
May 17, 2021
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by Arabella Seebaluck

‘Indian’ variant infecting vaccinated people 
Indian scientists are researching reports that fully vaccinated in India have become infected with Covid-19. Published in the Financial Times, the reports states that many Indians have become infected with the new strain of the virus B.1.617.2 even after being fully vaccinated. 33 staff members at a care home in Delhi tested positive for the new strain. All staff members had been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Nobody had any serious symptoms. 

Vaccine breakthrough
This is the term being used by doctors and scientists when someone who’s fully vaccinated gets infected. CDC is investigating is there’s any pattern or link between any of the vaccine breakthroughs. 
In most cases when someone gets Covid-19 after getting vaccinated, the symptoms are not very severe. Scientists are also trying to figure out if the new strain of the virus is resistant to vaccines or not.

Variant B.1.617.2.
This variant, which has been found in India, and is being casually called the ‘Indian’ variant does not contain the E484Q mutation, which is known to be a little resistant to the vaccine. The E484Q was found in the B.1.617.1. variant. The mutation in the second variant is called T478K and there’s still much unknown about this mutation. Some researchers believe this mutant might be responsible for ‘vaccine escape.’ B.1.617.2 now accounts for roughly 64 per cent of cases in India currently. It has also spread to around 40 countries around the world.
The World Health Organisation has said that the ‘Indian variant’ spread faster than the other variants. It has been registered as the 4th ‘variant of global concern.’

The new variant and the UK
BBC has reported that there’s been a spike in cases in Glasgow and the UK which have been linked to the new ‘Indian’ variant. 

A Scotland Minister has said that their initial research has led them to the conclusion that this variant has caused their cases to go up all of a sudden. 

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