Indian Edtech Giant Introduces Cryptocurrency Coding for Kids
May 31, 2021
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by Snigdh Baunthiyal

While most adults are still wrapping their heads around how exactly cryptocurrencies work, India’s largest edtech company, Byju’s has announced a new program for children to understand cryptocurrency. The company has only introduced an ad on social media yet, saying that it is offering a coding course for children interested in cryptocurrency.

This course is for children between 6-18. Byju’s already offers coding programmes for children, which is supported by its subsidiary WhiteHat Jr. WhiteHat Jr was recently in news for withdrawing a defamation case against an Indian engineer who had claimed the company had made multiple misleading advertisements about its services.Byju’s is the largest and fastest-growing ed-tech company in India. The cryptocurrency coding course is not live on the website yet at the time of writing.

According to a report in Indian media, Byju’ s has raised $150 million from and is in talks of getting funding to the tune of $400 million. Byju’s has also announced its plans to expand internationally to UK, US, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico.

Coding and Edtech

Coding for kids is becoming a controversial topic. With edtech companies encouraging coding for children, calling it as a basic tool of digital literacy, some critics say that it puts too much pressure on children and that parents should wait till the child expresses an interest in the subject.

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